Danpaati River Lodge


Jungle & Rapids expedition

A unique experience for adults and children alike.
Suited for children above the age of 8.
Fun, instructive, exciting and not to mention safe.

You will experience a unique, adventurous boat-trip through the heart of the Amazon.
With the help of one of our most experienced tour guides, you will sail through the many
beautiful rapids and pristine jungle.
Test your odds with nothing more than a boto6hammock and sheer wits!
Do you have what it takes to take on the challenge? Hike trough the jungle, and be rewarded with the most beautiful view of the Amazon Rain-Forest. When returning home, you will definitely have the most amazing stories to tell.





You may decide how many nights you will stay at Danpaati before starting your expedition. For those who are really adventurous, you may also extend this expedition into an even longer expedition. This includes spending the night deep in heart of the jungle.

This includes:

  • transport from Danpaati River Lodge
  • Meals and residence
  • Hammock and mosquito net
  • All activities regarding this excursion

*Starting at €800 per person for a 4 day-package


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Day 1: Danpaati River Lodge – Kosindo River Lodge
You will travel by boat (a local boat called “Korjaal”), heading south towards Kosindo River Lodge. The real adventure starts after passing the Tapawatra rapids. You may have to exit the boat several times & maybe even help lift the boat in order for it to pass through the numerous obstacles in the water. Teamwork is of utmost importance if you want to survive to see the next day. Adventurous? Yes. But nobody said it had to be easy! Your end destination for the day is Kosindo River Lodge, which is centered right next the Maroon-village Kajana, which you will also be visiting.

Day 2: Kosindo River Lodge – Senteadam
Today your adventure begins with a view of nature in its purest form. You will travel about 80 kilometers upstream, even deeper into the Amazon Rain Forest, there you will find Senteadam. There is a bush-camp on an island close by powerful rapids in the Gran Rio. Here you have a high probability of spotting diverse monkey types, the harpy eagle and even a few jaguars. You will spend the night in the sleeping area, in a hammock, with a warm blanket and a special mosquito net. Right next to the sleeping area we have the kitchen, where the meals will be prepared.

Day 3: Senteadam – Kosindo River Lodge
Right after breakfast, you will go for a small hike in the primary rain forest. The way back downstream will partly be done without a motor. Now you can enjoy the sounds of the jungle and maybe even hear the red-footed falcon along the shore. Along the way back you will stop to cool down in one of the calmer rapids, which are said to have healing properties, before arriving back at Kosindo River Lodge.

Dag 4: Kosindo River Lodge – Danpaati River Lodge/ Paramaribo
Today you may choose to head back to Danpaati River Lodge, where you can rest & relax, maybe even get a soothing massage before heading back to Paramaribo. You may also choose to travel from Kosindo back to Paramaribo by plane.

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