Danpaati River Lodge


For your stay at Danpaati River Lodge you may choose one of the packages below. If you choose the standard-package, that will be the basis for your stay at the Lodge. This package includes 3 excursions. If you wish to partake in more excursions, it is also possible to book them at the lodge itself. Will you simply immerse yourself in the amazon fain forest or do you seek the thrill of adventure? It’s all possible at Danpaati River Lodge. Celebrating anything? Or do you like yoga? We’ve worked with several specialized yoga-instructors who give lessons on our custom-made yoga deck. We also provide tailor-made packages. You name it, we make it possible!

These are a few of the possible packages:


(Standard package) 3 day jungle experience

Immerse yourself in the unspoiled beauty of the Suriname rain forest. Learn about the traditions of the Maroon culture or simply enjoy the beauty of the island. Drift away in your hammock, take a dive in the pool or relax in the river. Visit the daycare and media center in the village Dan, which were established in part thanks to the profit made by the lodge.

The standard package is the basis and includes;

  • Lodging in a double cabin
  • Meals and transportation
  • Forest walk
  • Village walk
  • Cayman spotting

dorpen-wandeling-DSC_7358-WEBbeach dinner

There are numerous activities possible in the area. From getting traditional massage to simply reading a book by the pool. If the yoga-instructor is available at the lodge, you may partake in a session on the yoga-deck. Do you want to go on an adventure? Perhaps one of the optional excursions to one of the water-rapids in the area is right for you.

*Starting at 335 euro’s for a 3-day package

Romantic/wedding package

Want to do something special with your loved one? Just married? Maybe a surprise romantic getaway to the amazon rain forest could do the trick. What’s better than a relaxing stay at one of the most comfortable lodges deep in the jungle? Get a massage or go for a romantic walk on the beach. This is a trip you will not easily forget.DSC01568

This package includes:

  • Lodging in the luxury-cabin (with king-size bed, sofa and balcony)
  • Food and transportation
  • Romantic dinner on the beach (depending on the water level
  • Optional breakfast brought to the room
  • Traditional massage
  • Village and forest walks
  • Excursion to a ‘Natural Jacuzzi’ (rapid)

*Starting at 415 euro per person for a 3-day package



danpaati theeDo you want to escape your hectic life? Go and relax yourself completely and enjoy the beautiful views on the Suriname-River. The relax package is specially designed for people that want to relax a little bit extra. There will be a specialized yoga-teacher on the island that will take care of relaxing yoga-sessions on the deck. On top of that you will receive a forest walk where the guide will explain about the therapeutic powers of the amazon plants. Take a relaxing dive in the pool or in the river. Relax in your hammock or simply do nothing at all. You will come back feeling reborn!


  • Meals and transportation
  • Traditional massage
  • Yoga sessions
  • Forest walk with explanation about the therapeutic plants
  • Excursion to a ‘natural jacuzzi’ (rapid)

* From 415 euro per person for a 3-day package
* This package is bookable with a minimum of 4 people



Do you want to go to Danpaati with a big group? To celebrate something or a staff trip? We can arrange a group package for you for a special price and activities. This is the ideal way to relax while you enjoy the nature and culture of the area.


*From 85 euro’s per person per night. Without transportation (bookeable with a minimum of 13 people)

Expansion with an adventurous expedition

Are you adventureous? Then look no further! We have designed a special expansion package with an expedition even further into the jungle, where you will sleep in a hammock. Read more