Danpaati River Lodge


Danpaati River lodge offers more than being just your perfect destination to relax in the jungle. There are a lot of activities that can be done around the lodge. What about taking a boat in the dark to go look for caimans? Or meeting the local community during a village walk or a walk through the amazon rain forest? You can take an excursion to the most beautiful rapids and lakes.

There is a book available at Danpaati River Lodge with a description of all the flora and fauna that can beDSC_0967 found on the island. The paths are paved, which makes it possible for you to make an independent walk on the island. There is also a small beach where you can relax or take a swim in the river. There is so much to do at Danpaati we are sure you will not get bored!

Do you need help planning your activities? Do not hesitate to contact the guide or lodge manager!

Village Walk

Learn about the local traditions of the Maroon culture. The origin of the Maroon people is in Africa. A long time ago they were brought to Suriname to work at the plantations as slaves. Once the slaves started escaping they settled along the upper-Suriname river, where they started establishments. The people are living in a very traditional way, with their African traditions still kept intact. In the past years; Danpaati River Lodge has established a close collaboration with the surrounding villages. Bring a visit to the village ‘Dan’ which is located just on the other side of the river.


Forest Walk

According to specialists, Suriname is one of the best-kept secrets of the Amazon-rain forest. There are numerous species of birds, small and bigger animals and a variation of flora and fauna. During a forest walk you will learn about the therapeutic functions of the forest plants.


Cultural performance

The Maroon people of the Upper-Suriname Region are more than happy to share their cultural traditions with you. The maroons used to work as slaves and they would use singing as their way of communication. Enjoy a cultural performance and get entertained by their beautiful songs and dances.

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Danpaati River Lodge offers a big variation of boat excursions varying from half an hour up to half a day. You can visit the Tapawatra rapids, or take a dive at the Bihati ‘sula’, rapids just half an hour away from the lodge. Or take a boat during the evening to spot caiman and nightjars. The knowledge and experiences of the boatmen will surprise you!


Pikin slee Marronmuseum

Do you want to learn more about the maroon culture? Then, a visit to Maroonmuseum Pikin Slee cannot be missing on your program! The museum is devoted to the cultural heritage of the Maroon population. It is located about 30 minutes by boat from Danpaati. In the museum you can learn about the history of the maroon population, as well as their African traditions and arts and crafts. In the villages, man and woman live in separate huts. In the museum you will get an insight into the different environments of how the man, woman and children live. There is also a restaurant where you can taste the traditional dishes of the locals.


Other excursions and activities

* Canoeing
* Traditional fishing
* Traditional massages
* Extension with jungle expedition
* Yoga (upon request)
* Independent hike on the island or jogging


See the activity-handbook (for now only available in Dutch, our apologies!)

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